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{Embracing Joy}

I have always lived life with the perspective of the glass being half full. Living with this mentality translates into many more moments full of joy that may look otherwise if my perspective was different and the glass was half empty. You can’t always control your situation, but you can always control your perspective!

In Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NIV) we are encouraged to be always be joyful:

“Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

Sometimes circumstances in our life can make it hard to find a way to embrace joy. With constant comparison, unexpected challenges and the yearning of always wanting more, how do you find ways to embrace joy in your life? I have found that it can be fairly simple, but you have to be intentional with reminding yourself of the blessings you have and embracing each moment and exactly where God has you.

I am loving embracing this stage in my life and living it up with my family and friends while enjoying so many new experiences. I am so happy and content with where God has me right now, and it’s an amazing feeling to soak up every moment instead of waiting for the next big thing to come. Over the past few months I have learned to dream in color once again, and honestly, it feels absolutely incredible!

I haven’t been able to blog consistently lately, and quite honestly, it’s because my life has been so full of so many wonderful things…all the while fully embracing the joyful moments in my life!

Check out the photos below for the ways I have been embracing joy!

With my ladies at the Iowa Cubs game! #summertime
With my team at AMA Iowa’s Q&AMA trivia night!
Enjoying downtown Des Moines and the Arts Festival with my lovely friend, Emily!
Celebrating our future sister-in-law, Jenalee!
Wine tasting at Jasper Winery for Jenalee’s bachelorette party!
Enjoying the bachelorette party with my sister!
Enjoying Yankee Doodle Pops…one of my favorite events in Des Moines!
Yankee Doodle Pops fun with my parents and their friends!
Enjoying a gorgeous summer sunset in my neighborhood.
Soaking up a summer sunset on Lake Diamondhead with my girlfriends.
Love little Lauren!
Volunteering at the Science Center of Iowa with my co-workers for Happy Medium Gives Back!
Weedmaster at the Science Center of Iowa!
Nitefall on the River in Des Moines with Matt Nathanson and Andrew McMahon. Such an amazing concert!
Summer nights with my two besties are my absolute favorite!
Celebrating the completion of Emily’s Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute Class project!
Time with the girls at Lake of the Ozarks over Memorial Day weekend!
Gorgeous sunsets fill my soul!
Happiness, laughter and smiles are good for the soul!
Had such a great weekend with the Danielsons at Lake of the Ozarks (as always)!
So picturesque and serene.
An amazing Memorial Day weekend filled with sun, fun and friends!
Loved moderating my first panel event for AMA Iowa in May, Conversations from the She-Suite!
Winefest 2014 with my friend, Brooke!
Winefest 2014 with the Den Hartogs!
A lovely Sunday night dinner on a friend’s patio = bliss.
A weekday spent at a pool…pretty amazing!
Celebrating Jenalee’s upcoming nuptials with Michael at her bridal shower in Northwest Iowa!
Love my family!
Siblings and soon to be sister!
Taking in the College World Series for a client celebration!
Celebrating our friend, Sunni’s, 30th birthday murder mystery style!
Seeing my Denver favorites and meeting little Wyatt on my birthday made for a great day!
One of the best nights of summer yet…celebrating my birthday with all of these fantastic, amazing girlfriends! xoxo
Loved celebrating my birthday with these ladies!

All of these photos make me feel so blessed and so full of happiness. Regardless of what you may be experiencing in your life right now, I hope you are finding ways to embrace the joyful moments in your life!



4 thoughts on “{Embracing Joy}

  1. This is something I always try to remember – but seek to work on doing better!

    I often get down on myself for not blogging as much as I used to, but I try to remember that usually, this is because I’m too busy out enjoying life – not sitting in front of a computer – and that’s the way that it should be!

    I’m trying SO hard to make an AMA event. My schedule has been too nuts lately and it just hasn’t worked out yet. Soon!

    1. I need to work on doing better with it as well! It’s definitely a tough balance, and I feel like I always want to be doing more.

      I would love to see you at an AMA Iowa event soon. I promise you will love it!

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