{A New Beginning!}

When life presents opportunities, I am all about grabbing them. You never know how amazing something can be unless you are willing to take risks. Trying new things and being open to new possibilities has made for some amazing life moments, and I have learned so much every single time.

So here’s my big news! I am ecstatic to announce that I have accepted a new job…I am heading back to the agency world! Starting July 7th I will be the new Interactive Director at Happy Medium, an interactive advertising agency in Des Moines. I am so incredibly pumped to be joining their team and can’t wait to be back in the agency world with a team that is literally the best of the best.

Coming soon: this is going to be me!
Coming soon: this is going to be me!

My last day at TMG Financial Services was on Friday. It was definitely bittersweet as I absolutely love my co-workers, but I am excited for new beginnings and the incredible opportunities I know will come with it.

My wonderful co-workers threw me a lil’ goodbye party last week. It was such a lovely send off. Thank you to everyone for all of the laughs and amazing memories. It’s been a blast working with all of you the past two and a half years! Miss you all already!

My friend, colleague and incredible boss. The past two and a half years have been absolutely amazing working with her! Beyond grateful for the opportunity.
My gorgeous goodbye flowers from my boss. She knows my tastes very well!
One of my dearest work friends, Andrea. It’s been a blast sharing life with you!
Never knew I could love working with compliance so much. Thanks for making it so fun!

Any first day on the job tips for this girl? I haven’t been the newbie for a while!

Cheers to new opportunities and wonderful things to come!



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