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{I Like Me, Just the Way I Am}

In today’s world, it’s easy to be hard on yourself. With social media and access to so much information, the comparison game can creep in — and can be hard to get rid of. In the dating world, it’s even easier. After experiencing lots of breakups and failed first dates, you may also find yourself asking, “Is there something wrong with me? Am I not good enough? Maybe I am just too intimidating.”

You look around and see couples everywhere, friends in serious relationships. It makes you wonder where your special someone is, and why he hasn’t just shown up already. Although I know the answer is most certainly that I am good enough (and you are, too!), it’s easy to question yourself.

Maybe it’s just that there isn’t anything wrong, there’s just too much that’s right. 

Over the past few months, I’ve been reminded to own who I am. I don’t need a man to be complete (and neither do you). I am already complete. Sure, it’d be great to have someone to share life with someday and have a partner in crime, but I am not going to stop living life waiting in desperation for that day to come. I refuse to choose the best out of the worst. It’s just not going to happen.

Why do we tell ourselves that we aren’t complete or good enough if we aren’t in a relationship? It’s. Got. To. Stop.

Ladies, you’ve got to believe in yourself. Own who you are and love who you are, and the rest will fall into place. Stop pretending to be someone you aren’t. I promise the only one you are hurting is yourself.

Find the things that make you happyInvest time in those things. Take trips. Give back. Serve others. And live each day with no regrets.

Stay true to what you want. Stay true to yourselfThis one is hard. As humans, we desire relationships and someone to care about us. The tough thing in dating is you don’t owe anything to anyone. Was he a nice guy? Sure. Do you really want to see him again? No, but you may feel compelled to in order to have closure and really make sure. If you don’t want to be in a relationship with him then don’t prolong it further. Listen to your gut.

Remember: you can’t be right with anyone else until you are right with yourself.

I am living my life full right now, and it’s a really beautiful place to be. I am letting God use my talents in so many new ways; it continues to astound me. You can choose to wait for something or live life exactly where you are–at this very moment. Will you join me in living life full together?

It’s a big challenge to not wait for the “what if,” but I know you’ve got this. And I’ve got this, too.




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