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{Life Lately}

It has been way too long since I have blogged, so I have to apologize for being so silent on here! The last month has been crazy busy with starting a new job and taking over as President of AMA Iowa, which hasn’t left for a lot of free time to just sit down and write.

The past few weeks have been filled with a lot of fun events including kicking off the month with our Happy Medium Open House for our new office, a trip to the Iowa State Fair, a day at Lake Rathbun with friends and my brother’s wedding to his fabulous wife!

HM Open House
Happy Medium Open House party!

The Iowa State Fair was a blast this year, and I loved going with two girlfriends who showed me all the great things to eat and the fun things to do. I’ve really only been to Iowa State Fair once as an original Iowan <insert gasp from those reading>, which I know is hard to believe. Growing up in a family of four children, I don’t think my parent’s idea of a great time was driving three and a half hours to attend a fair where one of us would inevitably get lost. So instead our fair visits consisted of going to the Clay County Fair in Spencer, Iowa every year, and that seemed to suit all of us just fine! And of course we always went to the Sioux County Fair, too. And in case you were wondering, I was not a part of 4-H, although my sister was!

Sky Glider at the Iowa State Fair

We picked a great Saturday to go, as it was overcast much of the day we were there. Although, the humidity was insane and it was crazy hot even without the sun!

Always crazy amounts of people on the Grand Concourse!
Enjoying corndogs, of course!
Cheese curds are a necessity at the fair.
First time down the big slide!

This past week was packed full, and the week including the Happy Medium team attending the Social Media Club Des Moines’ first-ever Hashie Awards. We walked away with three awards — the most of any company. We were all thrilled, and I am so proud of our team!


Snapping a shot with my bestie, Ashley, at the Hashies.

This weekend I enjoyed a beautiful Saturday at Lake Rathbun with some good friends and old co-workers. It was such a blast, and I loved spending the day on the water relaxing.

IMG_0571 IMG_0599

My younger brother married the love of his life on August 9. It was such a beautiful wedding, and it was a joy to share in their special day! Everything went so smoothly, and the bride looked absolutely stunning! I’ve seriously never seen my brother so happy, and I am so excited for them to start their lives together.

Rehearsal with the groom.
Love my siblings!
My sister is the best!
Love, love, love my family!
With the gorgeous bride at rehearsal.
What a stunning couple and beautiful wedding!


After the wedding with my sister.
With our cousin from Cali!


It’s been a whirlwind of a month, and it’s hard (and sad) to believe that summer is almost over! I am doing everything I can to soak up the last bits of summer by packing in lots of fun things, time with family and lots of time in the sun!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!




2 thoughts on “{Life Lately}

  1. I’ve never been to the Iowa State Fair……so you’re one up on me!!! It’s at a bad time of year with school and volleyball. We should try to make it one of these years so Josie isn’t sheltered like me!!! hahaha

    1. Well you should go with me next year! I know it’s tough timing with volleyball and school, but it would be so much fun! We need to make it happen!

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