{National Farmer’s Day}

We all know there are a lot of national days out there, but today’s holds near and dear to my heart. It’s National Farmer’s Day, which means it’s a chance to honor my dad and all the other farmers that work so hard to supply our world with the resources we need.

After moving away after college to the city, I really came to appreciate what it meant to have grown up on a farm. For the past few years, I have gone home to help with harvest, and it truly is one of my favorite things I do each year.


This year will be extra special, as it is my dad’s last harvest on our family farm. My parents have more than paid their dues, and my dad has worked his tail off for years. They are very deserving of moving to town and not having to worry about what piece of equipment will break next. 


I can’t wait to go home this weekend and be in the field for our family’s last harvest with my dad and brother. As a farm girl, there’s nothing I love more than driving the tractor and watching the sun set over the combine. Peace and tranquility don’t even begin to describe it.


Being a farmer isn’t easy. It’s long hours, constant worry and dependency on something where the conditions and outcomes can change like that. 

I learned a lot watching my dad growing up. A full-time farmer, teacher, hog buildings manager, four crazy kids and a wife wrangler, don’t ask me how he kept it together. I am sure there are times he didn’t, but by watching his example, I’ve been able to keep it together when I had times I didn’t think I could. A man of deep faith, my main farmer is my life is someone I deeply admire, respect and love — and that’s my father.
And a big thanks to my mom who is equally as in it as my dad. Someone who was faithful and always stood by my dad, even when things were really tough. 

You don’t have to look far to figure out where my work ethic is from. And I am very proud of that.
Happy National Farmer’s Day , Dad. I love you more than you’ll ever know. 



2 thoughts on “{National Farmer’s Day}

  1. I love the harvest time! Your dad was one of my favorite teachers in school. Great words about harvest. My husband comes home from being in the tractor with a list of all the animals he has seen or the random thoughts of the day. He calls it his thinking place.

    1. Thanks for reading! Glad to hear my dad was one of your favorite teachers. He is definitely multi-talented and was a great teacher! Being out in the field is definitely a great place for thinking. I absolutely love it!

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