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{Farm Life + Scenes from the Last Harvest}

This weekend was a big moment in my life. It was the last harvest on our family farm. My parents will be moving to town in the next few months, which is so exciting for them. My dad has put in years of hard work, and it’s time for a break and to have less worry.

I am definitely the sibling in the family that will have the hardest time with my parents moving off of the farm. I am just sentimental like that and get easily attached to things that mean a lot to me. Growing up, living on a farm was just a part of life, so I didn’t realize how special it truly was until I went off to college. Even though I didn’t go far, I quickly saw that I am who I am because I grew up on a farm. I watched a dad who worked non-stop and never let anything go without making sure it worked. I’ve never met someone more determined coupled with a mind for innovation that cannot be matched. My dad is one of the smartest people around, and because of him, I have a strong sense of problem-solving and the same determination. I learned quickly in life to go after what I want and never give up!

This weekend gave us two days of beautiful weather, so we were able to get a lot done with the three of us in the field. My brother and I left late on Thursday night, and I kicked off Friday morning by speaking at a Consumer Behavior class at my alma mater. It’s always so good to be back and share some knowledge with the students!


After I got home, I was so excited to get in the field! I had been waiting for this moment since last year’s harvest.



My dad trusted me enough again this year to let me do the unloading and auger operation. I have to admit, it feels pretty good to have your farmer dad instill the confidence in you that you’ve got it!


We luckily only had one minor breakdown this weekend, and it was fixed within 30 minutes, thanks to the smarts of my dad and brother.


Of course, I had to wear my Iowa Corn shirt one day, and my America Needs Farmers shirt the next day. It’s all about coordination, even on the farm!


Harvesting at dusk is my absolute favorite because it is so beautiful. There is nothing like being out in the field and watching the beautiful colors that God has painted across the sky.

IMG_6694 IMG_6708 IMG_6711 IMG_6729 IMG_6739

Of course there were lots of mixed emotions during harvest this year. I never like thinking about things that include “this is the last time that…” Hard to believe, but the legacy will live on through a new family that we love dearly and new memories will be made.

This year was an excellent harvest and such a blast with my dad and my brother. There’s nothing like spending a day in the field being a real farm girl!

I am so grateful for the experiences and memories I have made on our family farm the past 30 years. Mom and Dad, I know it hasn’t been easy, but thank you for all of the opportunities you provided and for making our childhood the best around. Love you guys!



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