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{Sequin Love}

I absolutely love sequins. Anything sparkly is basically my best friend. The dad of one of my childhood best friend’s even nicknamed me Sparkles. And to this day, that’s still my name whenever he sees me! So now you know it. I’ve been obsessed since I was a child.

And this year has been the prime shopping season to find sequins. They are literally everywhere!

When an item is ultra sequin-y, I tend to not want to wear it to work. A little too flashy, ya know? But then again, sometimes I wear it anyway!

Because some sequined items can be uber expensive, I’ve been holding out to find a few bargains. And it was worth the wait.

I nabbed this adorable skirt for TWO DOLLARS, yes $2 at jcpenney. You may not shop there often, but I love that store. Lots of fun, new styles and they have the best customer service and return policy.

Thinking holiday parties next year. It’s absolutely perfect.


And who doesn’t love clearance at Target? I nabbed this clutch for $10 and can’t wait to use it. I always buy black clutches, so it was time to change it up with a little brown!IMG_0804

Do you own any clothing items with sequins? Which ones are your fav?


I was not paid or contacted by jcpenney or Target to say anything on behalf of their clothes/accessories. This is solely my own opinion.


2 thoughts on “{Sequin Love}

  1. Ang you have always been so great at pulling off sequins and sparkles Ina classy way! That clutch from Target is so cute! I don’t have a lot of sequins right now but love the idea of accessorizing with it!

  2. Well thanks, Amber! That is so nice of you to say! I have always loved wearing them…having a little sparkle is always a must in my book.

    I love the clutch from Target! And I think it can be paired with a dressy or semi-casual look. They are the best accessory, thinking you should definitely get some for your wardrobe!

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