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{Hello New Year}

2015 can be summarized as a year of challenges, growth and refinement. From starting a new job, to taking on new volunteer opportunities, to turning 30, to leading a board of 23, last year did not disappoint. It seemed as though around each turn was something new to take on or conquer — not leaving a lot of time for rest.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am not big on sitting around and waiting for things to happen. I pursue my dreams and my goals and know that unless I take action, things won’t just land in my lap. Even through the ups and downs, I continue to push onward because life is what you make of it. And let’s be honest, life is short so I want to make the biggest difference I can each day, and live each day to the fullest.

Last year confirmed my strength, independence and desire to grow deeper in relationships with those around me. I met really amazing girlfriends in 2015 who always stand with me and encourage me non-stop. I feel very blessed and see God at work through these relationships.

The new year has come and gone, but my goals are confirmed for the year and I want to write them down as my confirmation to hold myself to them.

Here is my overall goal for 2016.


Here is what I am going to focus on to ensure I am the best version of me:

  1. Be present wherever I am. I don’t want to wait until the next what if or situation to embrace something. The time is now, and that means that I need to be focused and be there in each and every situation. Being a Type A personality, it’s really easy to let my brain wander and start thinking about all of the things I need to do. Although important to keep myself sane, I also want to ‘be’ exactly where I should be and be present in the moment to give my best to whatever it might be.
  2. Pursue my faith. Just like being healthy and fit, my relationship with the Lord won’t grow unless I intentionally pursue it. I want to dig into the Word and remember why Jesus is the best friend that I can talk to about anything. He’s got my back, and I need to live with that promise in mind.
  3. Be healthy and fit. I am working to consistently pursue healthy choices that make me feel good this year. With starting my MBA and some travel + presentations at the beginning of 2016, I want to make sure I put my best foot forward. To start, I signed up for a Triple Threat exercise class at work. Let’s be honest, it’s kind of triple terrible, but it’s holding me accountable and definitely works up a good sweat! I am also working to be intentional about choosing healthy food choices. I know how much of an impact your diet choices have on your health and well-being, so I want to make sure I am putting good things in my body to be at my best.

Also, I got a new hairdo this weekend for the new year. What do you think?! Don’t worry, my signature curls will be back soon…I can’t live long without them!


Whatever you choose to do this year, be all in. Whatever your goals are this year, make them happen or take steps toward them. Even if it doesn’t turn out exactly how you want, I promise you will feel so good that you went after what you want. Live with no regrets and don’t look back. Every opportunity is a chance to better yourself and become a better person because of the experience — regardless of how it turns out. 

These are things that I want to focus on this year to make sure I can be my best version of me. What makes you the best version of you?

Cheers to a new year!



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