{Summer Nights}

Tonight was one of the most perfect summer nights spent with fabulous girlfriends. It is abnormally cool for Iowa with temperatures in the seventies vs. the nineties this week. So I am taking full advantage of it by spending as much time as possible outside!

It’s been on my bucket list to go to the drive-in theatre in Newton. And tonight was the night we made it happen!

We dined at Montana Mike’s first, which had the most fabulous food! Such a great pick with pretzel sticks, fresh rolls and so much more. Definitely check it out if you’re in town.

Then we were off to the drive-in!  There was a beautiful sunset, lightning bugs and the stars as bright as could be. We watched the movie Inside Out and had the best time. Can’t wait to go back for another movie this summer!

   Have you ever been to a drive-in theatre? If you live in central Iowa, make sure you check out Valle Drive-in in Newton! It’s a great summer activity to do with your family or friends.

Tomorrow’s Friday! Cheers to the weekend!



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