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{You Lead}

If you like to write like me, you always have ideas running through your head of things you just have to write down. I keep a constant note of writing ideas on my iPhone, as well as on my nightstand. Does anyone else have late night brainstorm sessions where your mind just won’t shut off and the best ideas happen?!

I am beyond grateful for all of the positive feedback that I received from my last post on being single and having the right perspective. It’s the real deal that it’s hard to be single in today’s culture, as our culture isn’t always conducive to being single. Let’s be real, who wants to go to dinner or to a movie alone? That’s why I am grateful that I have great couple friends who take me along as their ‘date!’ Regardless of your age, as a female many of us like to plan our futures the best that we can…and it’s pretty difficult when you have no idea if your Mr. Right is a sure thing or not. And remember if he’s not, life still totally rocks.

Weekends are glorious because they are filled with time to relax and recharge for the next week ahead. They give you the opportunity to (hopefully) unplug and enjoy things that you really love doing. Yet at the same time, weekends can be hard if you are a single gal as it brings up reminders that sometimes you just don’t need.

Saturday night I was driving home and a burst of loneliness hit me. And it hit hard. I had just had a fabulous night with one of my couple friends and their kids — yet it wasn’t totally unexpected.

And that was when God spoke to me through the radio. No doubt about it — He knew exactly what I needed, when I needed it. The song “You Lead” by Jamie Grace came on, and my spirits automatically lifted. This song is one that has brought me through some times of deep pain and suffering, and it brings me joy every time I hear it because it reminds me who is in charge. And the waves in life are only temporary.

Saturday night was a time where the world was pushing and pulling at me, and this song reminded me that His love truly never fails.

I got waves that are tossin’ me
Crashin’ all over my beliefs
And in all sincerity, Lord
I wanna be Yours
So pull me out of this mess I’m in
Cause I know I’m wanderin’
Lead me soul back home again
I’ve always been Yours

And this world may push, may pull
But your love it never fails

You lead, I’ll follow
Your hands hold my tomorrow
Your grip, Your grace, You know the way
You guide me tenderly
When you lead, I’ll follow
Just light the way and I’ll go
‘Cause I know what you got for me
Is more then I can see
So lead me on, on, on, and on
Just lead me on, on, on and on

As a child I heard Your voice
But as a girl I made my choice
There is no other way for me
I’m devoted to you
You’re my peace on the heavy days
You’re the warmth of an autumn blaze
Your love carries me away
And it’s never too soon, no…
This world may push, may pull
But your mercy never fails

This holy week I am preparing my heart and remembering the words that need to stay written on my heart: your mercy and love never fails. This song was just the reminder that I needed to shift my perspective and be so grateful that I am investing in my friends and kids’ lives and having amazing life experiences. Single or not, life gives you new experiences each day, and you need to take the time to enjoy each one. This is exactly where God wants me. And that’s a darn good place to be.



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