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{An Epic Weekend}

This past week was crazy busy (what else is new in my life?), but it was full of so many wonderful things! Last Friday was our annual all day marketing conference for AMA Iowa, the Experience Event. It was a fantastic day of AMA-zing (see what I did there?) speakers focusing on our program year theme of engagement. I know how hard our board of directors and Experience committee worked to make this event happen, and I couldn’t be more proud of them! It was a spectacular event and a true showcase of how strong our marketing industry is across the state of Iowa.

Some of our AMA-zing board members.
Such a great crowd of 150+ marketers!
Welcoming everyone to the Experience Event!

This year the Experience Event was extra special to me as my sister came! It was so fun to have her there and have her see “inside of my marketing world” for a day.


My busy weekend continued, as last Saturday night was the Young Variety Sweethearts Charity Date Auction. I think I was one of the few that willingly applied and wasn’t signed up against their own free will—I was that happy participant ready to be auctioned off! The week prior to the Date Auction, all auctioneers attended a photo shoot with a great Juice Magazine cover and article write up that followed. It was pretty fun being named as one of Des Moines most eligible bachelorettes for love!



I met some great new people being part of the Date Auction and loved every part of the experience! The event was held at Jasper Winery, and the venue was absolutely full. If you get nervous in front of crowds, this would probably be the point where you would start to feel sick to your stomach. Thankfully, that is not an issue for me!


Some of the girls in the Date Auction.

Being on stage is very familiar to me, as I was a dancer for a number of years growing up, in high school was in large group speech, dance team and was a cheerleader, so I definitely love being on the stage and entertaining the crowd!

I worked to do exactly that last Saturday night! My song was “Any Man of Mine” by Shania Twain, and I showed my dance moves and sang from the stage. Yes, this really happened. I was that girl! I tossed out candy Sweethearts to go with the name of the Date Auction (I am a marketer here, people!) and got the crowd all riled up. It was such a blast!


Bayle and I before going on stage. We were ready!
I was so pumped up when I was done!
Thanks for coming to support me, friend!


I was very grateful to my friends and family that came to support me and cheer me on! We raised over $9,000 for the Young Variety Children’s Charity, so I feel that stage dancing was for a really great cause!

Love my family!

This weekend I am spending my version of Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, with my sister. So grateful for a sister who is also my best friend!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!




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