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Harvest is one of my absolutely favorite times of year. It brings back so many great memories of my childhood of combine rides with my dad, the lights in the field late at night and the smell of a bountiful harvest. And now that I am an adult, I get to help with actually completing harvest, too!

Last weekend was spent harvesting back in Northwest Iowa on our family farm. Last year I started the new tradition of helping my dad with harvest by spending a weekend back home in the fall. There’s nothing like being out in the field and watching the beauty of harvest unfold in front of you. It’s stressful to make sure the machinery is working correctly and you don’t do anything to hurt yourself, yet it’s so relaxing and calming to be out in the field!

This is the rig that I drove this year.


This harvest my dad upgraded me in harvest responsibilities by teaching me how to unload and use the auger! It was so much fun being able to do something new, and it made our process much more efficient by getting more done in a day as I could handle the unloading process by myself this year.


Here are some shots of my day out in the field harvesting!

Had to start the day out in the field with a tractor selfie!
There’s nothing better than a gorgeous Iowa sunset in the field.
Absolutely breathtaking. This is exactly why I love harvest and being back on our family farm!


Had to wear my America Needs Farmers shirt to support Iowa’s Bachelor, Chris Soules!


My dad also taught me to drive and dump with the tractor and the combine this year (my translation = he really trusts me with all the added harvest responsibilities!). I drove alongside my brother who was combining, so he could unload without ever having to stop. This makes harvesting so much more efficient, as I could get a full wagon of grain, go unload at the auger, and my dad would be back out in the field to get a full wagon of grain while I was unloading my wagon into the grain bins.So. Much. Fun!


So much grain!
My brother loves harvesting as much as I do!


It was a great day harvesting on the family farm!

After an amazing day in the field, my dad and I headed out again late at night to open up more of the corn fields, as it is much easier to do with two people. Night harvesting is so much fun…hoping I get to do it again next year!



It’s going to be another bountiful harvest this year, and I feel so blessed that I can go home for a weekend and enjoy the experience with my dad and brother.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!



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