{On the Air with NPR}

In the past few years, I have learned to embrace and take advantage of new opportunities that come my way. You never know when something might be a challenge that makes you better or just becomes an incredible experience. With this in mind, I always think that trying new things is worth a shot. Whatever it is, you can always learn something from it!

So when I received an email from NPR a week and a half ago asking if I wanted to participate in a Senate watch party and on a panel, my first thought was “I am not equipped for something like this.” Then I remembered my attitude of taking on new challenges, so of course, I quickly said “yes, I would love to participate!” And I am sure glad I did.

Last week I joined Robert Siegel from NPR All Things Considered and his producer for a Senate debate watch party. The debate was followed by a discussion for Monday’s show with the six women who had been invited that represented all political parties and opinions. Such an awesome opportunity and glad I embraced a chance to try something new!

Robert Siegel, NPR’s All Things Considered.


The ladies in the group that made up the panel!


Read the article and listen to the audio to hear from some of Iowa’s female voters!

What new challenges or opportunities have you taken lately?



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