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{Weekend Snapshots}

This weekend was completely full of friends and fun, and I absolutely loved it. There is nothing better than trying to soak up every weekend moment surrounded by some of my favorite people.

I started the weekend on Friday night by going to the Young Professionals Connection (YPC) Kick-Off Party at the brand new Des Moines Social Club, located in the old firehouse downtown. It was the coolest event because so many of my favorite people were all in the same room! It seriously doesn’t get any better.

With my good friend, Sadie.

Oh wait, then it did get better…as I won one of the grand prizes at the event! I received a lovely staycation package complete with hotel, entertainment and food. I usually don’t win prizes at events, but I sure don’t mind getting lucky. Rock on!

Megan and I were both winners!

After the YPC event I headed over to Akebono for some dinner with my good friends Tyler and Megan. I got a hamburger as I wasn’t feeling sushi. Mistake…don’t get a hamburger at a sushi restaurant. Lesson learned!


On Saturday I had a much needed girls day with my good friend, Emily. We went to get our nails done, and then spent some time shopping. Love a good shellac with lots of sparkles!


Emily and I have very similar tastes in clothes, colors, food, styles, pretty much anything you can think of! We are so similar in our tastes that sometimes it’s scary, but it makes it crazy fun to shop together!

Matchy matchy.


Today I attended Maple Grove United Methodist Church with some of my Team Wasike team members to celebrate an incredible A Day for Mike Event last year. It was so fun to see everyone and enjoy brunch after the service. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to positively impact this family and provide hope and promise in such a terrible situation.

Team Wasike members and friends: Sadie, April and me.

This afternoon was spent doing lots of catch up and enjoying time inside away from the blustery winds. It seriously sounded like my house was going to blow away!

It was a busy and full weekend, but that’s exactly how I like it. The week will be the same with plans every night and big AMA Iowa events happening in Des Moines Friday and Saturday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!



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