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{Full of Joy: Holiday Happenings}

This Christmas season has been busier than ever as I have been immersing myself in all the fun activities that happen during the month of December. Almost a whole month has flown by, and I haven’t even managed to get a post up. I guess that means I am having fun!

It feels like Thanksgiving was ages ago because I have packed so much into this Christmas season. This is going to be the most photo loaded post to date on IFG, but these images sum up my December nicely. Full of joy, loving life and blessed to have amazing friends! I feel like a lucky, lucky girl.

There are so many reasons to be merry this Christmas season. I am so grateful for all of the life experiences in 2013 that make this season so incredibly joyful. And at the heart of it all, I am so grateful that a little baby boy was born so many years ago in a stable in the most non-glorious way possible. He came to save the world, and that He did. I am beyond grateful for the hope and joy I have because of that beautiful night where the shepherds came and the angels sang. Glory to God in the highest, and peace on Earth to those whom His favor rests. Amen!

I am so thrilled to celebrate with my family in just a day. Joy to the world, the Lord has truly come!

Enjoy the photos from a busy month!



Celebrating the holidays with my besties at the Holiday Art Studio at the Des Moines Art Center. A night full of girl time, crafts and laughs!

Love these two girls. Holiday Art Studio at the Des Moines Art Center.
So grateful for my amazing friends! Celebrating the holidays at the Holiday Art Studio at the Des Moines Art Center.
Besties. Holiday Art Studio at the Des Moines Art Center.

To celebrating an incredible award-winning year with my favorite AMA Iowa ladies…

Incredible AMA Iowa friends. So lucky to know these girls!
Marketers and friends.

To enjoying the holidays at work with some fabulous teammates…

Cupcakes at work. Tis the season for treats!
Grateful for such great girl teammates! Holiday party 2013.
Love this girl! So glad she moved here from Texas!
Ugly Christmas Sweater Day at work!

To surprise birthday parties for an incredible girlfriend…

Surprise birthday party for Andrea! #welovebirthdays
You’re my favorite!

To Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties…


All the girls. Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!
Best girlfriends at the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

To celebrating with my other teammates, who feel like family…


To caroling in nursing homes in Des Moines with friends and taking me back to the Christmases of my childhood…

YPC Ugly Christmas Sweater Caroling Crawl with my favorite girls!
Ugly Christmas Sweater Caroling Crawl with my bestie!

To a random night out with some fantastic girlfriends…

Girl’s night out!
Lucky to have such incredible girlfriends!

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