{Making A Difference: Sak Saum}

Last weekend I attended my first ever Sak Saum party. In case you haven’t heard of this non-profit organization before (I hadn’t either), it is seriously incredible! It’s amazing to see an organization stepping up to help women who have been trafficked and provide them with a skill to move forward with life.

Read on about how Sak Saum is making a difference in the lives of exploited women!

Sak Saum is a ministry dedicated to rescue, restore, transform and rehabilitate vulnerable and exploited women and men in Cambodia.

From their site:

“Sak Saum is pioneering a model of self-sustaining ministry. From the beginning, our goal has been to create a nurturing, empowering, restorative program which facilitates vocational training in sewing, excellent products, and community development. We believe in the union of powerful, life-changing outreach with effective, excellent business.

Our work is supported through the sale of our products around the world. Sak Saum’s business reaches over 30 states in America as well as Australia, Japan, Germany, England and more

We facilitate 12 girls in the full-time program each year. We also employ 50+ men and women through our Vocational Training Center (VTC). The VTC creates economic development, skill development, educational development and other opportunities to families in the Saang district.

This is how the battle against human trafficking will be won – one person, one family, one community at a time.”

The women who are rescued create incredible accessories including purses, bags, clutches, jewelry, baby items and more. With the holidays coming up, I encourage you to check out their site for your gifts. 100% of your purchase will go to an incredible cause, and all of the items are super adorable! And as a bonus, there are no shipping costs as shipping is included in the price!

Here are the adorable items I bought at the party:

IMG_7672[1] IMG_7673[1] IMG_7674[1]

Aren’t you seriously in love with their stuff? I know I am!

Gift giving truly doesn’t get better when you can help change the lives of others.


This post is solely my own opinion of Sak Saum. I am not writing on behalf of Sak Saum.


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