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{Officially Iowa Farm Grown}

Recently I spent a weekend at home in Northwest Iowa at my parent’s farm where I grew up. The best part of my weekend? Learning how to drive a tractor!

You may be thinking, you grew up on a farm and have never driven a tractor?

In high school I was involved in quite a few extracurricular activities. During harvest I was busy every Saturday at a volleyball tournament, a band competition (I loved high school marching band!) or both. Plus, I had a younger brother who lovedI mean truly loved helping my dad during harvest. So learning how to drive a tractor and finding time to help on the farm wasn’t high on my priority list.

As an adult, it has definitely been on my bucket list to help my dad harvest and learn how to drive a tractor. Harvest has always been one of my favorite times of the year. So imagine my excitement when my dad says to me the week before I go home, “Angela, you are going to learn how to drive tractor this weekend.”

And learn how to drive a tractor I did! After a short five minute lesson (my dad is efficient and to the point, friends), he told me I’d better keep up with him and ran out the door to the combine!

So I did exactly that. It was a complete rush driving a tractor all by myself (not really knowing what I was doing) across the field for the first time! It was a moment I will never forget. I felt so proud to help my dad and be a part of harvest.

Here’s the fine rig I drove with two wagons behind me! Talk about throwing a girl in her first time…


IMG_7439 IMG_7440 IMG_7450IMG_7453

One of the very fun parts of driving tractor was having my good friend, Brescia, with me. She happened to have a wedding in Northwest Iowa, so she stayed with me at my parent’s. So fun to have her on the farm and have her see farm life firsthand! IMG_7454

I even drove down the gravel all by myself with 60,000 pounds of grain behind me (don’t worry, I am stationary in this photo)!


There’s nothing like following your dad in the field!

I loved spending the day out in the field harvesting. It’s so fun to see my dad in his element running the farm!IMG_7465

So I guess now I can officially live up to my blog name.

Being a part of harvest this year was a great way to relax and enjoy God’s beauty on the farm. It was exactly what I needed and good for my soul.

What is your favorite part of fall?



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