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It’s been a busy week again! Where does the time go?!

Last week Friday I took off from work early and headed north to Boone for some skiing at Seven Oaks. I haven’t skied in four or five years, so it took a little bit to get up to speed again and get rid of my fear of falling!

I have to admit that I did fall once (and it definitely hurt). When you are headed down a blue and aren’t sure which direction to go to avoid the black, sometimes you are end up in panic mode, freeze and take a bad fall. Oops! But I got back up and made it down the, ahem, hill.


This week all of our companies had an all employee celebration hosted at Palmer’s Deli & Market on Ingersoll. We had so much fun eating, hanging out and listening to the dueling pianos. One of my favorite parts of the party was that I won four hours of PTO. Woo hoo!


Some of my favorite ladies!

On another note, I have to share my two recent FAV purchases.

I FINALLY found some dishware that I like (I’ve only been looking for almost a year), courtesy of World Market and the country of Thailand. My new kitchen dishes are literally my “present” for my birthday from last year, so I would say that I am a bit behind!

IMG_0814 IMG_0815

And I found these adorable bow heels at DSW last weekend. Can you say cutest thing ever?! Now if it would only quit snowing I could start wearing them! Spring, where are you?


Hope you had a great weekend!



2 thoughts on “{Snapshots}

  1. What a great idea for your company to give away PTO hours!
    Yes, love those shoes and the plates! I need to remember to shop at World Market; it’s usually decently priced and nice!!!
    Oh…and in case you forgot…I love you!!!

  2. I LOVE that they give away PTO hours! Such a great incentive for employees.

    Glad to hear you love the shoes and the plates! I can’t wait to wear the new heels. World Market is one of my favorite stores…so many gems in there.

    Love you friend!

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