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{A Hard Goodbye}

I’ve never been very good with goodbyes. And this weekend was no exception. My dear friends, Mark and Meg Nicolet, are moving to Denver, and I have to admit I am pretty bummed about it. Happy for them. Sad for me.

I worked with Meagan at America’s Family Coaches for almost a year and became very close to her. She is one of those friends where it just automatically clicked. Luckily my bestie from college also lives in Denver, and it’s a cheap and a quick flight from Des Moines, so now I have two excuses to visit the great state of Colorado!

On Saturday morning my small group had a going away brunch, and it was picture perfect. My good friends just bought a new house, and it’s so perfect for them! She was the perfect little hostess and decorated the table so perfectly.



She even had chalkboard nameplates. Seriously adorable! The table looked like it was out of a Pottery Barn catalog.


We had way too much food paired with mimosas (I was dreaming of being on a beach in Mexico)…



Love this girl!


Meg and Mark, I will miss you!



4 thoughts on “{A Hard Goodbye}

  1. Ang, this is so sweet! We had such a wonderful time on Saturday and will miss everyone so much…can’t wait to see you in Colorado!! xoxo

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