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{Celebrating Baby J!}

Last weekend I spent Saturday in Pella to host a baby shower for Kayla, my sister-in-law. So this means I have big news (that I don’t think I have shared yet)…I am SO EXCITED to be an aunt! Can you tell?! And it gets even better…the first baby in my family is going to be a baby girl!! I. Just. Can’t. Wait. Baby J is going to be so spoiled by me and my family! Baby tutus, sparkles and loads of pink are seriously calling my name.

I was in charge of games for the shower, so I had lots of fun creating some nasty diapers before the drive to Pella. Don’t worry friends, they really are just candy bars in the diapers, but it makes for a darn fun guessing game!



My sister had the brilliant idea to hold the baby shower at The Tulip Time Tea Room in Pella. It was such an adorable little place to hold a baby shower!



They had a great menu to chose lunch from…IMG_4482

I had delicious ham balls, mashed potatoes and a side salad, complete with an almond bar (I love the Dutch) and an almond flavored scone with some kind of special whipping cream that I cannot remember the name of. It was so scrumptious. And it was even better because we didn’t have to stress over any of the food prep!


My sister and I had a lovely time throwing a shower to celebrate my sister-in-law and brother’s soon to be new baby. She is due in April and seriously looks incredible.

After the shower we headed back to my brother’s house to hang out and play some games. It’s always so good to have family time! Luckily, we all live close enough that we get to see each other quite a bit.

Before we knew it, it was dinner time! Kayla had made reservations at Monarchs in The Royal Amsterdam Hotel in downtown Pella. I was excited to check out this new restaurant!



Saturday nights at Monarchs they have a lovely all you can eat buffet for $14.99, complete with prime rib. Because I’m not a huge prime rib fan (I know, can you believe it? Not really my thing.). I opted to order off the menu…and instead settled for a delicious sirloin and baked potato. It was so delicious, and I was really happy with my dinner choice while everyone else stuffed themselves silly from their multiple trips to the buffet.


After dinner I had to snap some quick shots of downtown Pella. I absolutely love the Dutch character in this town, and growing up in a Dutch community myself, it always feels like home.

IMG_4493 IMG_4496

It was such a great weekend of family time and celebration. Any tips for this soon to be aunt? I cannot wait to meet Baby J!



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