{Obsessed with Thirty-One}

Tonight I attended my first Thirty-One party! I have been invited to a few but have always had a conflict and couldn’t go.

And I think I am obsessed.

I want the large utility tote, the beauty bag, the lunch tote, the thermal tote…I think I am trouble! Plus, this month they have a special that if you spend $35 you get a medium sized utility tote for ONLY $5! How sweet is that?!


I also love this company because of their mission of celebrating, encouraging and rewarding others for who they are. Love it!

Do you have any Thirty-One bags? What is a must order? Would love your opinion!



2 thoughts on “{Obsessed with Thirty-One}

  1. Don’t even get me started on 31!!! I have so much of it and I love it. My sister in law just started selling it! That’s probably a good thing or I would consider it! If you ever do a catalog/online party let me know!! I can always find something else to get.

    1. I am seriously obsessed! Ordered way too much this week. I will let to know if I have a party (I will next year I am sure). And then you can order more! 🙂

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