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{A Weekend On The Farm}

If you didn’t know, I am a farm girl at heart (blog name gives it away!). I absolutely love the city and wouldn’t move anywhere else, but there’s nothing like being back on my parent’s farm, taking in the quiet and the beautiful surroundings. I always feel so refreshed when I come back to the city!

This weekend I headed back to Northwest Iowa late Friday night after a beautiful wedding celebration in Des Moines for my dear friend Melanie. I was pretty tired when I arrived at my parent’s at 12:30 a.m.!

Saturday I had to be up bright and early to celebrate another special occasion for my childhood best friend, Anna, and her little bundle of joy due to arrive in December! Anna and I have been friends since we were diapers, and it was so fun to host a shower for her!

She is seriously glowing!

It worked out perfectly that Anna’s shower was this weekend, as it was also Homecoming at Northwestern College, so I got to see some friends!

I finished the day off with a date night with my parents at Schezchaun Inn in downtown OC. They seriously have the best Chinese buffet — ever!

For my send off home today, my mom made the best lunch ever complete with steak, cheesy carrots, parmesan potatoes, garlic bread and jello. And then of course we also had apple dessert with caramel sauce. Talk about feeling full! My mom sure knows how to cook.

After lunch I headed back to Des Moines and am glad to be home. But there is nothing like a weekend at home in Northwest Iowa spent with family and friends!

Fall on the Jiskoot Farm!


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