AMA Iowa

{I Heart AMA Iowa}

If you know me even at all, you know that I have a deep passion and love for the Iowa Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA Iowa). I have been on the board for almost three years (can’t believe it!), and I count myself lucky to serve with a group the smartest and most passionate marketing professionals in the state of Iowa.

Last night we kicked off a new board event at my house. This event was created to bring some of our board members together outside of a board meeting to brainstorm and think of new ideas to really rock it at AMA Iowa. Any name ideas for this cool get together?! It was so fun to kick back, relax and have some fun with some of my favorite friends. And of course, we came up with some great ideas!


Also, a note to my central Iowa marketing, advertising, communication, PR, social media, media peeps, don’t forget that this Thursday is our 3rd annual AMA Iowa Agency Crawl! It’s promised to be a great event while touring Spindustry Digital and J. Sayles Design Co.

Registration closes this Wednesday at noon, so register today! Be there or be square. Hope to see you!



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