Gettin’ Digital

For those of you that know me well, you know that I love all things digital and all things social media. They are like my middle name. Seriously. So I was pretty excited when Pete Jones, who works at the Des Moines Register, reached out to me about a free digital seminar in Des Moines offered by Gannett Local. Count me in!


As a professional, I love opportunities to learn and stay up to date on industry trends. Luckily my whole team was able to go today, too!

Michael Christiansen, from Gannett Local, was the presenter, and he did a really nice job with the two hour presentation. Usually two hour presentations with no break get super long, but he did a great job engaging the audience and giving key takeaways, which I love in a speaker! Next up, getting him to come and speak at AMA Iowa! Trust me, I prepped him on this already.

Although a lot of the information was a review for me, I learned a lot about Pay Per Click (PPC), Google ads and SEO. There is so much to know in our industry! I seriously learn something new everyday.

Here are a couple fun facts I took away from the seminar today:

  • Average time spent on Facebook per visit: 20:46. Average time spent on websites per visit: :56. What a stat!
  • 75% of B2C companies said they acquired a company through Facebook. Pretty impressive!
  • Top three search engines: Google, YouTube and Facebook. Incredible. The last two aren’t even search engines!

I am pretty excited to see where our industry heads over the next year and what new things will be developed! Any predictions?

How do you stay up to date in the industry? Would love to hear any tips!

Well, off to bed!



2 thoughts on “Gettin’ Digital

  1. Great to be there today! Thanks for coming to Iowa to present. Agreed – let’s kill it! I think you would be a great presenter for AMA Iowa, and I know our attendees would learn a lot from your presentation.

    Completely agree – sharing ideas and creating relationships is the best.

    Have a safe trip home, and let’s keep in touch!!

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