GDMLI Retreat

Today was day one of our first big class events for GDMLI! The retreat was held at White Oak Vineyards in Cambridge, to the northeast of Ankeny. The location was beautiful and we had picture perfect weather! It was a day packed full of activities.

The morning was spent dissecting our personalities by looking at the four color lenses. I am gold through and through (with some orange). AKA I’m an Achievement Specialist. It was crazy to hear all the descriptor words for golds and see how many perfectly matched my personality!


We had lunch from In The Bag, a company that gives back to our community. So cool!


The afternoon was spent outside doing team building activities with the YMCA. It was a great opportunity to get to know my classmates and develop my team building and leadership skills. Plus, spending the afternoon outside on a gorgeous Friday afternoon in September was a nice bonus!


We wrapped up the night with some food, a wine taste test, live music and a beautiful sunset!



What an awesome day! I can’t wait for tomorrow!



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