Born To Be A Hawkeye

Summer is starting to fade away, and the fall weather is quickly moving in! With the beginning of fall comes football, a sport I love to watch. One of my favorite games of the year is the Iowa vs. Iowa State game where I can watch my beloved Hawkeyes play a big state rival. It’s an especially big game when you live in Des Moines and you are surrounded with grads from Iowa and Iowa State. It’s quite the rivalry in this city!

This year my dream finally came true, and I scored last minute tickets to the game (thanks Jenn and Heather)! As luck would have it, it was also one of my only free weekends this fall, so I was pumped to go!

Although the Hawkeyes were completely unimpressive and lost for the second year in a row to the Cyclones, I still had a blast tailgating and hanging out with friends! And the good news — there’s always next year.

Once a Hawkeye, always a Hawkeye, win or lose! Let’s just hope the team plays a bit better for the rest of the season!

Enjoy some photos from the game!








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