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{Family Time}

I love my family, and I love when we all get to spend quality time together. We all live in the state of Iowa, but due to busy schedules and living in different cities across our great state, we don’t get to see each other nearly as much as I would like!

Before family time today we were so blessed to have a big rain storm in Des Moines! Most of the country has been in a drought this year, and our state is no exception. The crops are hurting throughout our state, and it was such a blessing to wake up to thunder this morning and watch God’s blessings pour from the sky. Praise the Lord!

I’ve been looking forward to family time all week! We started the afternoon out by going bowling at Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl at Bass Pro Shops in Altoona. We have found that bowling is such a fun family activity, as it’s something we can all enjoy! I think I came in 3rd place? Obviously I was paying a lot of attention to our scores [although I did get some strikes and spares]!

After bowling we spent some time in Bass Pro Shops to waste a little time until our dinner reservation. It’s always fun to look around that store and see what crazy weird things there are!

We headed up to Ankeny for dinner at Chip’s [seriously the free homemade chips they give you in baskets full before the meal are incredible. Pretty sure I ate way too many]. I got the usual….chicken fingers and fries. I am way too predictable when ordering. After dinner we headed over to Lemon Tree for some delish frozen yogurt. Everyone else of course had ice cream with fruit and healthy items, and I, well, didn’t. I’m all about the candy on my ice cream! Soooo yummy.

After ice cream we headed over to my brother’s house to play a little bags. Guys vs. guys, and the ladies sat in the “stands” [aka townhome entrance front porch] to cheer every time something good happened! They played two games and my dad and brother won both TIMES. They killed it!

Definitely thankful for the blessing of spending time with my family today!

How was your Saturday? What do you love most about spending time with your family?



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